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The results of MURMANSTIKA festival will be presented at an exhibition

  • 11.10.2019
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The results of MURMANSTIKA festival will be presented at an exhibition

The urban environment festival MURMANISTICA at Murmansk Arctic State University is finishing. Today, art construction is in full swing: festival participants put their ideas into practice.

Based on the results of the first two days of the festival, three art objects were selected that will decorate the campus of the main university: the benches On Imandra shore will go to the city of Apatity, and the unique pyramid will be a gift to the Kirov branch campus of MASU. The third object will be situated at the university building at 16, Egorova Street.

The third object is called Art City. This is an abstract object, bright and colored, consisting of geometric shapes. It will be attached to our campus, describes Tatyana Ashutova, director of the Institute of Creative Industries and Entrepreneurship.

The rest of the projects will remain mockups. All the projects will be presented at the exhibition that starts at MASU campus at 16, Egorova street on Monday, 12 October at 15:30. And the festival jury will decide which of the projects can be realized in the future.

Tatyana Ashutova says The festival helped us to upgrade our professional competences. Moreover, we managed to organize a genuinely social project: the youth from different towns is working together in teams. They study different fields, they have completely different levels of training, they are students of sociology, tourism and construction students of completely different trades, in a word.

MURMANSTIKA initiative aims to creatively upgrade the Murmansk region and unite the friends of the Polar North coming from all over Russia. The project is designed to reveal and formulate the Kola regional identity and unite the active citizens and professionals from the Murmansk and other regions in order to improve the socio-cultural life of the Kola North. The initiative was launched in Spring. The youth forum The Student Dimension of the Modern and Future Arctic was held in April, 2019. The forum was opened with the workshop called MURMANSTIKA: the issues of urban studies where young professionals and experts shared their experience in providing of urban amenities and participating in urban infrastructure and appearance improvement projects.

At this workshop an idea to launch the series of events dedicated to the issues of urban improvement in the Murmansk region was born. The idea resulted in three major projects:

  • the urban environment festival MURMANSTIKA aimed to unite designers, architects, sociologists and urbanists in order to develop the Arctic areas;

  • the interactive platform MURMANST that accumulates all cultural initiatives within one venue;

  • the ARCTICometry toolkit for provision of urban amenities in the Arctic environments.

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