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MURMANSTIKA festival carried out at MASU will become regular

  • 12.10.2019
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MURMANSTIKA festival carried out at MASU will become regular

The festival MURMANSTIKA will be held on regular basis and will tour through the cities of the region as the head of the region Andrey Chibis claimed at the closing ceremony of young urbanists and designers.

A creative marathon at Murmansk Arctic State University lasted a week. Famous specialists in the field of design and planning of urban spaces were involved and worked with its participants. The final contest of the Severization became the part of the festival. Its winners presented their projects at an exhibition at one of the campuses of MASU.
According to the head of the region, the Gulf Stream teams art project On Imandra shore became the best one. The complex-shaped bench reproduces the coastline of the largest lake in the Kola Arctic.

It is decided that On Imandra shore art project will be installed on the territory of the Murmansk Arctic State University Apatity branch. Other mockups made by the participants of the festival also have a chance to become art objects.

Andrey Chibis said: I am proud that we have such initiative and active students at MASU. By the way, we invite them to design public spaces and courtyards next year. And, of course, we will turn some of the mockups exhibited today into art objects. After all, its really important for creative people not just to make a mockup, but to create their own art objects themselves.

The Governor emphasized that the festival MURMANSTIKA should go on because it gives a chance for youth to make our cities much more comfortable, beautiful and cozy.

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