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Latest local events


Official launch of the new international project

Onthe 21-22 ofOctober anew joint project called CETIA: Coastal Environment, Technology and Innovation inthe Arctic co-financed byEC programme Kolarctic was launched onthe premises ofMurmansk State Humanities University.

A visit to Rovaniemi

On 27-29 October 2011 MSHU Rector, Professor Andrey Sergeev and Inna Ryzhkova, Director of the Center for Academic Mobility, International Projects and Programs, had an official visit to the University of Lapland (Rovaniemi, Finland).


Russian-Norwegian seminar

On 26.10.11 MSHU hosted the Russian-Norwegian seminar Experience and perspectives of Russian-Norwegian cooperation in the sphere of education and science at the beginning of I century.


International conference

On October 18 there was a conference devoted to culture and history of the Skolt Sámi.

International seminar

OnOctober 26MSHU isholding aninternational seminar Experience and perspectives ofRussian-Norwegian cooperation inthe sphere ofeducation and science atthe beginning ofthe XXIcentury: Murmansk State Humanities University and Finnmark University College (Norway).


A visit of the Consul General of Norway

On 11.10.2011 our university was visited by the Consul General of Norway in Murmansk, Øyvind Nordsletten. He was invited to the university by the administration of MSHU. It was a familiarizing visit because Mr. Nordsletten took the position only on August 29, 2011.


BART project meeting

On the 5th of October 2011 a meeting took place at the Center for Academic Mobility, International Projects and Programs with the BART project coordinators Mari Vahakuopus, Eija Raasakka and Marlene Kohlechner-Autto (representatives of Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences).

International Students Conference on Sociology

Onthe 6th ofOctober 2011MSHU hosted international students conference onsociology arranged byanexchange master student from University ofTromsø Åshild Selboe.


A visit to Kirkenes

On September 30 October 01 the Barents Secretariat in Kirkenes ( Norway) organized the Research Days which included presentations of modules within Bachelor of Northern Studies program realized by Finnmark University College.


German atfull speed interactive performance

Onthe 25th ofSeptember, students, schoolchildren, German language lovers and just passers-by became participants ofathree-hour interactive show with music, games, competitions, theatrical improvisation, communication held inMurmansk State Humanities University inthe framework ofthe project German atfull speed, organized bythe German Cultural Center Goethe inSt. Petersburg.


Guests from the University of Lapland

On 21.09.2011 MSHU received an official delegation from the University of Lapland (Rovaniemi, Finland) represented by Mauri Ylä-Kotola, rector, and Outi Snellman, head of International Office, who is simultaneously taking the position of the vice-president of the University of the Arctic, which is a network of universities, colleges and other organizations working in the sphere of higher education and scientific research in the North.


A meeting with Svein Lund

On September 16, Inna Ryzhkova, Director of the Center for Academic Mobility and International Projects, and Olga Ivanischeva, Doctor of Philology, head of the MSHU laboratory of the Sámi language, dean of the Faculty of Philology, Journalism and Intercultural Communication, met with Svein Lund, coordinator of the project History of Sámi schools in four countries, editor of the collected books Sámi school in Norway.


Culture of the Sami Skolt. Cooperation without borders project meeting

On September 13 Murmansk State Humanities University hosted a meeting with the representatives of the Sámi Education Institute (SAKK, Inari).


A visit of the Consul General of France

On 13.09.2011 MSHU was visited by the official delegation which included Elizabeth Barsac, the Consul General of France in Saint-Petersburg, M.Schelkunova, a representative of the Institute of France in Saint-Petersburg, and N.V.Gorina, attaché of the division of MFA of Russia in Murmansk.


Meeting with coordinator ofthe program Bachelor ofCircumpolar Studies

Onthe 7th ofSeptember 2011 Marit Sundet, coordinator ofthe program Bachelor ofCircumpolar Studies from University ofNordland inNorway visited MSHU.

A visit to Osnabruck, Germany

Within the cooperation between Murmansk State Humanities University and German youth organization THW-Jugend the delegation from MSHU visited Osnabrück from June 25 till July 6, 2011.


Bachelor ofNorthern Studies program meeting

Onthe 6th ofSeptember 2011 Bjorn Sagdahl (professor ofthe program Bachelor ofNorthern Studies) and Per Moller (coordinator ofthe program from Finnmark University College, Alta, Norway) visited MSHU.


Our condolences

Murmansk State Humanities University expresses heartfelt condolences with regard to the horrific events which occurred in Oslo. These days all the university community of Russia is mourning together with the people of Norway. We are deeply convinced that people responsible for this tragedy must be severely punished and condemned by the world community.


Bachelor ofNorthern Studies international meeting

Onthe 26−27th ofMay aninternational meeting within Bachelor ofNorthern Studies took place atthe Center ofAcademic Mobility, International Projects and Programs.


The international workshop Creative use ofLMS, wikis and mobile technologies for learning

On18th−21st ofMay lecturers from MSHU participated inthe international workshop Creative use ofLMS, wikis and mobile technologies for learning held atthe department ofeducation atUniversity ofTromsø.

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